Disillusionment (Demo)

by Preacher's Sons



Another impromptu demo recording made with a handheld Zoom recorder, complete with noisy upstairs neighbors, rowdy cats, and creaking floors.


you have everything you want
all that's in-between
driving down the easy street
of the ones who own the means

I wake up everyday
with a burden in my heart
work my fingers to the bone
just to watch it fall apart

nothing's quite the way it seems
and everything that lives in dreams
it dies and goes
to hell
with all my suffering
concerning things I think I need
to live a life that's full of
happiness, security, conformity, anxiety
the complete loss of identity
I'm just sitting here living with the truth

so caught up in a moment
you forget about the past
and every bright idea
just a replay of a crash

I'm worried for the future
for the ones I have to feed
in your city upon a hill
in a mountain range of greed

their still fighting out in Washington
raising all kinds of hell
no one seems to care
beyond what's rightfully theirs

so I sit and watch the country burn
the cinder and the smoke
hold my lover close to me
and pray it's all a joke


released January 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Preacher's Sons Fullerton, California

Fullerton, CA

booking/questions: preacherssonsmusic@gmail.com

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